Molok® Containers Used to Collect Clothing for The Big Brothers-Big Sisters Foundation

(Article as published in ‘Molok Deep Collection News’ 2011)

In Canada, Molok participates in a fund raising mission to benefit the Big Brothers-Big Sisters Foundation of Greater Montreal. The proceeds from the fundraising activities enable the association to continue providing for the children in need.

The association provides responsible adult guidance for children through quality mentoring programs. They recruit, train and match volunteers with children, and provide financial support as they search for a full and happy life.

Since 1975, the association has match over 6,000 children coming from single-parent families that needed a model as a big brother or a big sister in their lives. Here are some statistics:
– 46% of the matched children are less likely to take drugs
– 27% of the matched children are less likely to drink alcohol
– 52% of the matched children are less likely to quit school

Our Activities
The clothes collecting project of the Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Montreal Foundation involves picking up clothing and household articles that are no longer used, and selling them to Value Village, a private thrift store.

Since 1998, the Foundation has been working closely with many important partners who have allowed the installation of clothing bins in their shopping centres; 80 bins are presently installed.

Presently, we are using the Molok (containers) to develop a new clothing bin with improved hygiene, surrounded with pleasant landscaping, which provides many more benefits than the traditional clothes collecting systems.