Maintaining Relevance.

Molok® Deep Collection™ Pilot System Still in Use Since 2002

In over 40 countries worldwide, Molok® Deep Collection™ provides an attractive and convenient waste collection solution, gaining momentum worldwide since 1991. Commencing operations in Canada in 1999, Molok North America Ltd, in partnership with the City of Toronto, conducted a pilot project in 2002 to assess recycling and organics diversion rates in a Multi-Residential property in Toronto.

With pre-pilot diversion rates increasing from 21 percent to over 60 percent the pilot was deemed a success.  Further, due to the advantages of the semi-underground Molok® system, service frequencies were significantly reduced providing other fiscal and environmental advantages.   This same system is still in use, 17 years later, refreshed with a recent decorative framing change and a lifting bag replacement. It’s still just as attractive and functional as when it was installed. Why was this pilot so successful?

Archival photo of the pilot project installation, circa 2002

As a result of the Molok® systems innovative crane-lifted design, the containers were able to be placed where they are convenient to the end-user.  The attractive containers are usable all-day every-day by persons of all ages and abilities.  The semi-underground design keeps the waste cool, minimizing odours, while the self-closing lid design keeps garbage in and unwanted urban wildlife out.  The vertical nature of the system helps to compact the waste 1.5-2 times the volume of the container resulting in fewer empties, reduced operating costs, less truck traffic and fewer truck emissions.

Today, exciting new technologies such as level measurement and access control, along with exciting new looks for the traditional design, make the Molok® system, just as relevant as it was in the 2002 pilot.

A recent photo capture of the project, as it is today.

Molok Ltd. is the pioneer and world leader of the semi-underground Deep Collection™ since 1991.  Molok North America Ltd. was incorporated in 1999 and celebrated 20-years of operation in North America earlier in 2019.

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