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  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • City Streets

  • Parks and Playgrounds

  • Sports FIelds

  • Rest Areas

  • Beaches

  • Waste Depots

More safe and secure than traditional collection methods, Molok® containers work great for schools.

Molok® is a sanitary choice for hospitals. The emptying method keeps the surroundings clean.

Achieve greater capacity waste and recycling collection with M-Cityscape™.

The use of Molok® containers in parks can result in huge operational savings.
Additionally, the reduced odours and increased hygiene allows containers to be placed where most convenient for users.

Molok® offers an attractive and odour free collection point for busy sports areas.

The semi-underground design allows containers to hold more waste, and also keeps waste secure.
With waste amounts fluctuating each season, Molok® is the solution.

Molok® containers are animal resistant and secure, keeping waste in the container and off of the beach area.



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