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Molok® containers are emptied through the bottom of the reusable lifting liner, using a hydraulic arm.

Click here to view an emptying video.

    • 1. The lifting chain is attached to the metal ring on top of the lid.
    • 2. The liner is lifted and positioned over the collection vehicle.
    • 3. The trigger mechanism is released to open the bottom of the liner and waste falls neatly into the truck.
    • 4. When the liner is empty, the bottom is closed and put back into the container.
This emptying method offers some key benefits not available from
conventional containers.
  • Molok® containers can be located behind shrubs, a curb, sidewalk or fence.
  • Molok® containers can be in tight spaces, because the collection vehicle
    does not have to approach it from any specific direction (see space requirements).
  • The Molok® container, its user lid and surroundings stay clean, as there is no
    dripping, spilling or waste.



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